Why Have A Fire Door Inspection?

Fire doors are a crucial factor in any building’s fire safety effectiveness. But as with any fire prevention measure, they need to be in good working order and meet with regulatory compliance in order to offer the maximum protection, which is where fire door inspections come in.

Fire door inspections are conducted to assess the condition, functionality and compliance of fire doors within a building and can help you to enhance your building’s fire safety credentials in the following ways:

Life Safety

Fire doors are a critical component of passive fire protection systems, designed to resist the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases. In addition, they provide safe escape routes for occupants and allow firefighters to access and control the fire.

Regulation Compliance

Building and fire safety regulations typically require the installation and maintenance of fire doors in certain areas of a building. Regular inspections help ensure compliance with these regulations, avoiding potential legal and regulatory issues down the line.

Fire Compartmentation

Fire doors play a key role in creating fire compartments within a building. These help contain the fire and prevent its spread to other areas, allowing occupants in other parts of the building to evacuate safely. Inspections verify that fire doors are properly installed, fitted and maintained to guarantee the integrity of fire compartments.

Functionality Assessment

Fire door inspections assess the overall functionality of fire doors, including their ability to close and latch properly, operate smoothly, and seal gaps effectively. These inspections help identify any issues such as damaged hinges, faulty closers or gaps in the door frame that may compromise the door's performance during a fire.

Verification Of Labelling And Hardware

Fire doors should be labelled with specific markings to indicate their fire rating and compliance with relevant standards. Inspections verify that the labels are present, legible and accurate. Additionally, inspections ensure that the required hardware, such as fire-rated locks, latches, and self-closing mechanisms, are installed correctly and functioning properly.

Maintenance And Repair

Over time, fire doors may experience wear and tear, damage or improper modifications that can compromise their effectiveness. Inspections help identify any deficiencies or issues that require maintenance, repairs, or replacement of components to ensure the proper functioning of the fire doors.

Documentation And Record-Keeping

Fire door inspections provide a record of the condition and maintenance of fire doors within a building. This documentation demonstrates due diligence in maintaining fire safety and can be useful for insurance purposes, regulatory compliance and overall risk management.

So, as you can see, fire door inspections are vital for ensuring both the fire safety and legal compliance of any building. A regular inspection will help you to meet any regulatory requirements and provide the peace of mind that your building’s fire safety measures are in optimal condition should the worst happen.

If you would like more information about fire door inspections or would like to book an inspection with a qualified surveyor, get in touch with a member of the IFI Group team today.

Image Source: Canva